Rules and Safety

Rules and Safety

No cheating in any way,  no hanging to Vehicles or drafting from vehicles or other competitors other than from team members from the same team, No taking shortcuts or riding in a vehicle to advance forward.

No grabbing on to sticky water bottles, you are not in the Tour de France. 

No bicycle repairs allowed from the vehicle to the rider while riders is moving.

No illegal drugs. No alcohol.

No caravaning, meaning don't allow local traffic to be backed up behind your follow vehicle when providing support to you the races.

No hanging onto your support vehicle or other vehicles getting a tow.

No drafting behind your support vehicle or other vehicles.

Only drafting between riders from the same team.

No sticky water bottles, meaning when receiving support from your vehicle please don't hang onto the bottle or bidon getting a tow, this is ultracycling and not road racing.

No mechanical assistance from the car to the rider, meaning no adjustment to saddle , rear derailleur or any other mechanical adjustments to the rider, this is ultracycling and not road racing.

Any and all mechanical assistance to the rider must be done while the rider is stopped.

Don't cut the course or take any shortcuts.

In case of construction detours and/or police detours, follow instructions and get back to the Florida500 route as soon as possible and report detours to the race organization.

The Florida500 Solo, Team Relay

500 Solo, Unsupported and Team Relays.


3 drop bags allowed, must be dropped off to race official at the start of the race for self-supported riders with your name and Check Point destination, your bag will be transported to each checkpoint. Your luggage and Bike Box will be transported to the finish in Key West.

No support allowed. You the rider are supposed to be self sufficient. 

Bike Setup and Safety

Follow vehicle setup

Mandatory signage Visible from the rear.

"Slow Moving Vehicle" triangle

"Caution Bicycles Ahead"

Mandatory emergency vehicle/hazards lights on while providing support for rider.

Direct Follow is allowed but not mandatory Dary or Night. Be aware of traffic getting backed up behind you. NO caravaning.

Obey and respect all Florida traffic rules and laws.